Code List

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As of June, 2014, the Code List contained 150 tables with a combined 5,598 code table items in an MS-Excel spreadsheet that is included in the XML product zip file and available as a separate download on this page for OpenTravel members and the public.


In January, 2015, OpenTravel released phase I of the optimized code table which will eventually replace the original code table.  The Code List Optimization team reviewed 87 of the 149 existing code lists beginning with lists that are referenced in the hotel messages.  The team created code list defintions for each list that was reviewed, and in some cases also created usage guidelines to help implementers determine how each list should be used.  The optimized code list is included in the code list download that can be accessed via the link on this page.  The team completed a project brief  that among other things details the procedures followed during the reivew, the changes made to the lists, and identifies which lists have been completed to date.  OpenTravel members can learn more or subscribe to updates at the Code List Optimization Project.

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