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Active Projects

2.0 Model Build Project
The OpenTravel 2.0 Prototype project has now moved beyond the simple prototyping stage. It is now necessary to build out all the components of the model in order to allow the community to consume the specifications. The best practices are reflected in the OpenTravel model (OTM)  that will allow the first generation of new message specifications to be generated. The model is a small series of related XML documents that are consumed by an XML compiler that will render the specification into the publishable XML schema and WSDLs that may be consumed by a developer. Project Brief
2.0 Tooling Project
The 2.0 Tooling project will identify and maintain 2.0 tooling requirements to support collaborative development of OTA 2.0 Models that conform to the OpenTravel Model specifications and XML Schema Specifications conforming to the OpenTravel XML Schema 2.0 Best Practices. The project will also guide the development and contributions of any open source tooling made available to members or the public under license from Open Travel.   Project Brief
Code List Optimization Project
The OpenTravel Code List Optimization Project key objective is to reduce the complexity and improve the quality of the data in the Code List.  Changes will be limited to the code list so that upgrading to a new version of the messages will not be required. Project Brief
Hotel 2.0 Availability and Reservation
The purpose of this project is to create the objects, services and operations needed to search for hotel availability and book a hotel reservation.  Draft objects created from the 1.0 OTA_HotelResRQ/RS and OTA_HotelAvailRQ/RS have been imported into the 2.0 sandbox as a starting point for this team to review.  This team will enhance the 2.0 model by modifying and moving the appropriate draft objects into the appropriate libraries in the 2.0 repository and creating new objects as needed.  This will benefit the OpenTravel community as this project will continue to e


Architecture Workgroup


The Architecture Workgroup works on all aspects of the OpenTravel specification which are outside the content of the XML messages themselves and which generally affect all of the industry workgroups equally.

Hospitality Workgroup


The Hospitality Workgroup serves the needs of the hotel, hostel, vacation rental and cruise travel industry verticals by identifying and developing the scope of work for these sectors.

Transport Workgroup


The Transport Workgroup serves the transportation travel segment by identifying and developing the scope of work for the Air, Car, Rail and Ground Transportation verticals (travel sectors).

Travel Integration Workgroup


The Travel Integration Workgroup serves companies that provide services to the travel industry and other verticals that don't functionally fit in either the Transport or Hospitality workgroups by identifying and developing the scope of work for common components and services that are used across multiple sectors such as Travel Insurance, Package Tours, Dynamic Packages and Golf.


Interoperability Committee (IO)

The OpenTravel Interoperability Committee, known as IO, consisting of elected representatives from each OpenTravel work group, provides oversight of the other OpenTravel subcommittees and workgroups.

The Data Content Best Practices Committee (DCBP)

The Data Content Best Practices Committee, known as DC/BP, is a relatively small group that provides schema support to the Interoperability Committee, including maintaining a code list and naming convention guideline, reviewing and harmonizing new elements and creating new element names for cross-industry use. New members are welcome. We are looking for folks whenever they are available.