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Schema Products


OpenTravel XML Message Suite is OpenTravel's flagship schema product architected with a messaged-based design pattern that offers a set of XML messages in XSD format. Since 2002 the specification has been adopted in tens of thousands of implementations, with [previous versions] available for download. See product details or download current version here.

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What if you have Comments about a Schema Enhancement?

The final publication of each OpenTravel XML specification is freely available to any implementer and all implementers are welcome to submit enhancement comments for OpenTravel workgroup and staff review and actioning. In addition, OpenTravel's multi-stakeholder model requires that schema releases go through member-only and public review cycles prior to final publication.

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1.0 Message Suite - Product Details

On this page you can download current and past publications. Additionally, you can read a general description of the OpenTravel 1.0 Message Suite.

1.0 Current Schema 2017A


Modified Schema:


  • Removed element extension VehicleMakeModel and replaced with attribute group VehicleMakeModelGroup from the GroundServiceDetailType in OTA_GroundAvailRS/GroundServices/GroundService/Service.
  • Added the element ServiceType of type List_GroundServiceProvided to OTA_GroundCommonTypes/GroundShuttleType.
  • Added attribute TicketIssuedInd of type xs:boolean, optional to OTA_GroundCommonTypes/GroundShuttleType.
  • Added attribute OriginInd of type xs:Boolean, optional to OTA_GroundCommonTypes/GroundShuttleType/ServiceLocation.
  • Added attribute DestinationInd of type xs:Boolean, optional to OTA_GroundCommonTypes/GroundShuttleType/ServiceLocation.
  • Replaced element Shuttle of type GroundShuttleResType with the new GroundShuttleType in OTA_GroundModifyRQ/Reservation/Shuttle.
  • Replaced element Shuttle of type GroundShuttleResType with the new GroundShuttleType in OTA_GroundBookRQ/Reservation/Shuttle.
  • Added attribute PassengerRPH of type RPH_Type, optional  to OTA_GroundBookRQ/Reservation/Shuttle, to be consistent with OTA_GroundModifyRQ.
  • Added element VehicleMakeModel with attribute group VehicleMakeModelGroup in OTA_GroundCommonTypes/GroundServiceDetailType.

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Zip file includes:      

  • 2017A Schema
  • ReadMe
  • Release Notes
  • Comments Report
  • Schema Versioning
  • FasRez (sample implementations)
  • Message Users Guide
  • Code List
  • Implementers Guide v1.2 Exec Summary
  • Schema Design Best Practices v3.08
  • Other Folder (Hotel Disability Project Brief)


  1.0 XML Past Specifications - click to download  
2016A 2015B 2015A 2014B 2014A 2013B 2013A 2012B
2012A 2010B 2011B 2011A 2010A 2009B 2009A 2008B
2008A 2007B 2007A 2006B 2006A 2005B 2005A 2004B
2004A 2003B 2003A 2002A 2002B 2001C 2001B 2001A


About the OpenTravel XML Message Suite

The OpenTravel  XML Message Suite was created by travel industry experts and has been in publication since 2001. It contains a large collection of XML schema messages that contain the travel segment name that they serve and the type of functionality they provide. With tens of thousands of downloads of this specification, it is the preferred XML standard used by the travel industry for XML distribution between their internal systems and trading partner systems. This schema product contains a large collection of XML messages that provide booking path, ancillary service, descriptive information and generic services functionality. The message based architecture means that implementers typically use one individual message from the XML Message Suite to carry travel industry distribution data in their XML payloads in their web and http services.


OpenTravel Model Designer

The OpenTravel Model Development Environment leverages multiple industry standards, including IATA, ATA and ISO and takes advantage of agile development cycles. Developers are free to focus on exchanged information - not message structure for faster time to market.

Managing the model is faster because developers can use the OTM-DE compiler component to automatically generate schema that conform to the OpenTravel Model.

Models contain organized collections of summary, detail and query attributes and elements so impementers can create light-weight or functionally rich transactions by "binding" to a collection.

For more details check out the OpenTravel Model presentation.

Ready to Test Drive?

OpenTravel released the Model Designer source code on GitHub. The goal is to minimize additional coding required to deal with the mismatch between manually developed schema and applications' information models. OpenTravel Model Designer handles the serialization of the objects for sending across the network.

For further detail on the Model Designer visit the Model Designer page in the Implementer Support section of ODN.

Why Open Source?

OpenTravel has been producing open standard xml specifications for the global travel and leisure industry for over twelve years. OpenTravel recognizes the need for open standards to cultivate the growing complexity of distribution technology. By releasing the Model Designer to everyone interested in building model driven architecture, OpenTravel seeks to fertilize the brightest minds and create a platform that elevates the business of travel experience.

Business Functionality

The OpenTravel specification contains XML business functionality for numerous travel segments. In addition to mature segments, including airline, car rental and hotel, OpenTravel schema products support emerging segments such as day tours & activities, golf and ground transportation.Travel Segments

Since 2001, OpenTravel has been producing open standards for the travel industry that have been implemented by hundreds of travel companies worldwide to create commercial solutions.

Millions of messages are exchanged every day using OpenTravel schema...

  • Application Connectivity
  • Booking Documents & Queues
  • Check-ins
  • Customer and Partner Accounts
  • Customer Profiles
  • Descriptive Information
  • Dining & Meal Plans
  • Error & Warning Handling
  • Fares & Booking Rules
  • File Attachments
  • Groups & RFPs
  • Holds & Unholds
  • Inventory
  • Inventory Exchanges
  • Itineraries
  • Locations
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Non-Inventory Items
  • Notifications
  • Packages
  • Dynamic Packaging
  • Payment & Identification Verification
  • Pricing, Quotes & Commissions
  • Rates & Rate Rules
  • Reservations (Bookings)
  • Search & Availability
  • Search & Display (No Availability)
  • Seat Availability & Information
  • Shore Excursions
  • Special Services
  • Terminal Messaging
  • Ticket Fulfillment